Awaken to your inner magic, your divine essence and create the life you want and deserve.

Brought together by the desire to serve and shine divine love and healing on the planet,
Trinity Wholeness is not just a name
but a movement focused on empowering individuals
by holding space for everyone and anyone to harness and alchemize the energy in themselves and in the natural world.

Tina Angelidis Skerik

Reiki Master,
 Advanced Angel Healing Practitioner,
Crystal and Chakra Healing Practitioner,
Certified Angel Oracle Card Reader

When my children were young I found the demands and pace of life were beginning to take their toll on my mental and physical being and I knew I had to do something but I didn’t know what.

The Universe answered my call by sending an Earth Angel who showed me the power I had as a divine being to harness universal energy for myself and my kids and my husband to get peace, harmony and joy back in our lives.  

It’s been over a decade long journey of learning and practicing different energy healing modalities on myself first that have lead me to where I am today.

 I’m passionate about supporting others on their healing journeys by providing reiki, angel therapy, chakra balancing and crystal healing sessions to clear mental and spiritual blocks that manifest as anxiety, lethargy, sleeplessness, unease and just general unwellness.        
I believe each and every one of us, as an expression of the Divine, has the ability to tap into Universal Love. My mission is to support as many people as I can on their path to this empowerment.

Stephanie Tupper

Founder of Chameleon Yoga, Ongoing Student of Yoga, Breath, Movement and Meditation.

Yoga came into Stephanie's life early on, more as a way to stretch than anything else. As life became more complicated, yoga became a refuge and a way to find space in life's sometimes suffocating situations.

Through family ups and downs, career changes and the challenges of raising a family, breath and movement have been a steadying presence in her life. Several years ago, Stephanie was hit by the realization that she wanted nothing more than to open a yoga studio in order to bring people together and share this practice.

Enter Covid; rather than the physical studio in Nova Scotia she hoped for, she founded Chameleon Yoga during the pandemic as a virtual space where students can gather from anywhere, and move together in community.

Stephanie will incorporate gentle movement and breath awareness for our practices together twice monthly. Specially trained in Yoga for Seniors and Yoga for All, this is an accessible movement practice that can be adapted to anyone's needs.

Jagdeep Hayre

Holistic Health and Life Coach,  Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Psychic Reiki Practitioner,  EFT/TFT/NLP Practitioner,  Certified Moonologer

Jagdeep's transformational journey has brought her to her life's purpose.  She believes that nothing on the outside can truly change on a deep level if we don't recalibrate our sense of worth. 

 Until we let go of the story about our life that we are addicted to talking about, we can not move into the next level of freedom and expansion, as we stay stuck in the low vibration. 

 Jagdeep walks her talk which makes the work that she does even more influential. She has healed herself on a physical and emotional level, using the tools she shares with the world.

 Empowering other women identified people in their journey to reconnect with their intuition, so that they can find their answers from within, rather than seeking validation outside of themselves.

Jagdeep will be working with the moon energies to support you to release and call into your life what you desire and hand pick your life and to understand the cycles of the moon and how you can use them throughout your days and weeks of each month.